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Bacon and Sage Wrapped Apricots

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Sweet meets savoury! Apricots wrapped in crispy bacon are a perfect starter for a multi-course menu, and also delicious as a finger food or as an accompaniment to a barbecue. If you stuff the apricots with sage leaves, you add a slightly tart flavor to the fruit - delicious!





  1. Lay the bacon in fine strips side by side. Wash the apricots, halve and remove the pits. Carefully and place the halves at the bottom of the bacon. Place a sage leaf on each apricot half and roll up the bacon so that it is wrapped around the apricots. If the bacon isn’t holding very well, you can secure it with toothpicks. Now you just have to lay the rolled-up apricots on the grill of the VitAir and cook in turbo mode for about 10 minutes.

21. June 2017
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Klarstein Team

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