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Tricolour Scampi Skewers

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Barbecue, rain or shine! If your summer barbecue literally threatens go under water because of unreliable weather, we have an idea: indoor BBQ with the VitAir hot air fryer. For the seafood fans among you, we also have a great Mediterranean recipe for the VitAir hot air fryer: tricolour scampi skewers. Prawns, cocktail tomatoes and asparagus sprouts take turns on the spit. Happy BBQ!





  1. If the prawns have not yet been cleaned, make sure you do that first: cut along the prawn back and remove the intestine. You can also remove the shell of the prawn and cut off the head, if necessary.
  2. Slice the asparagus into rough rhombuses and let it blanch briefly. Then wash the tomatoes and halve them. The prawns must also be halved lengthwise.
  3. Now assemble the skewers by alternating between prawn, asparagus and tomato on the ten skewers of the VitAir rotisserie rotator. Hang the rotisserie rotator in the VitAir and set to the Skewer program at 180 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes.
  4. In the meantime, stir chili powder into the hollandaise sauce in a saucepan and warm it. Gradually add the soy sauce and sweet chilli sauce. If the dip is too spicy, you can soften it with a little sour cream.
  5. Serve the skewers fresh and hot from the VitAir with the hot hollandaise and enjoy!

14. August 2017
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Klarstein Team

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